On Wednesday, December 28, 2016, the first  coppice day.


After the busy Christmas days, we had a pleasant day in the open air with various volunteers.

Together with other nature lovers we were very active with sawing and pruning in the East castle park. A relaxed and healthy effort for young and old.

Of course the lovers were allowed to eat the pruned and gathered  take wood home to use by the fire or the fire pit in the coming time  once again to enjoy this pleasant day.  


IKL Foundation provided  on site for explanations, instructions, the necessary hand tools and materials such as work gloves and safety helmets, and we are so proud of all those volunteers who have helped IKL and the Limburgs Landscape Foundation to make a start on the maintenance of the East castle park, at the back of Buitengoed De mooshtum.

There will be a sequel for sure!

If there are people with ideas about the layout, construction or use of the park, please send a message to Buitengoed De moosjtum.

We will then organize a meeting to join forces.

With kind regards,

Hans Huijnen and Judith Warnier
Country estate The moosjtum

tel: 06 51 13 87 38