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Themed buffets

Tapas buffet


Tapas has become an integral part of contemporary cuisine and not only forms the basis for a pleasant evening, but is also increasingly used as ingredients in salads and fresh meat. Enjoy the whole evening with tapas specialties and delicacies from the sunny south.

- Olives, various types

- Sun dried tomatoes

- Anchovies

- Stuffed dates

- Variegated onions

- Mediterranean raw hams
  parma, sereno, bayonne

- Mediterranean sausages
  mediterranee, cacciatore, saltufo, truffle salami

- Tapenades, various types

- Sweet bites

- Peppadews filled with cream cheese

- Spicy balls

- Carpaccio tapenade

- Gambas mediterranee

- Various types of Italian bread
  foccacia, baguette, garlic bread


  Price on request!

Available from 15 people.

Boundless Burgundian buffet

Various types of terrines

- Terrine de Breugel

- Terrine Grand Mere

- Terrine de Liege

Various types of regional cheeses

- Goat cheese

- Hervese cheese

- Farmer's cheese

Various types of regional hams

- Old-fashioned Limburg farmer's ham

- Parma ham

- Serrano ham

- Black Forest Ham

Various types of salads

- Homemade cold dish

- Monagasca outings

- Greek cucumber salad

- Remoulade sauce

Various types of farm meats

- Old-fashioned peasant mince

- Meatballs

- Voeren pasty

Various types of bread

- Farmers rye bread

- Farmer nut bread

- Artisan breads

- Baguette

Various types of hot dishes

- Tete De Veau

- Meatballs in sauce



Limburg mustard

  Price on request!

Available from 30 people.

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