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coppice brigades

Do you have a stove or fireplace? Then it is important that your wood stock is replenished in time so that it can dry well in the summer.

Do you want to cut, split and stack the wood for your stove all by yourself?

You can do this by joining one of IKL's coppice brigades.

Thanks to this work you not only have wood for your home but you also deliver  a contribution to the restoration and management of nature reserves.  All you need to provide is a good worker mentality and a trailer so you can take the wood home with you. 

Because what could be nicer than the cosiness and warmth of a fireplace during the dark days.

In Limburg there are also coppice brigades in the winter months  working at Buitengoed De moosjtum in East Maarland. 

Do you want to know when coppice brigades will be at work in the near future?

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