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Let op!
Wij zijn gestopt met fietsverhuur.
Wij verwijzen jullie dan voor fietsverhuur door naar: Cycle Center Valkenburg.

Welcome to two-wheeler rental from Buitengoed De moosjtum!

We work for our rental of two-wheelers  together with  Cycle Center two-wheeler rental from Valkenburg, Zij  are the rental company for bicycles, green bicycles (electric bicycles), hybrid bicycles, ATBs, Vespas, scooters, scooters, racing bicycles and much more. For you as an individual guest in the South Limburg hills or for you as an organizer of a group event. Together  we deliver  more than 50,000 rental bicycles per year from our locations  throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, even throughout Europe. You can be assured of the very best equipment from well-known brands such as Gazelle, Giant, Koga Miyata and Merida in the very best condition. Your two-wheeler is never older than 3 years.


Bicycles or scooters for your day event or company stock? Our specialty!

We like to take our business seriously and specialize in tailor-made solutions for companies in the tourism, commercial and government sectors. From large day events to long-term lease solutions; With us you are at the right place!  

Request more information and availability by email!

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