Welcome to The Moosjtum!

What could be nicer than to settle down after a long walk, bike ride or car ride in a place where you are warmly welcomed?

Buitengoed De moosjtum is located in Oost-Maarland, one of the many church villages in Eijsden-Margraten, Blossom of the South. A place where you can taste a relaxed atmosphere in a farm garden or on the lovely terrace. Sitting under the beautiful standard trees for which our region is so famous, enjoy a cup of coffee with delicious homemade pastries, while the children play and romp in the garden.  


That is what Buitengoed De moosjtum stands for!


Buitengoed De moosjtum is also a suitable location for celebrating a party,  a coffee table or  holding presentations or meetings.

See you at Buitengoed De moosjtum

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